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We would love for you to join us - whether you come often or occasionally, every little bit helps propel us forward in our mission.

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Visit our FAQ to learn more.

Volunteer Roles

Nursery Volunteer

This is our largest team of volunteers and a great place to get started. Nursery volunteers assist in all aspects of growing native plants - from seed collection to nurturing healthy plants. All skill levels welcome!
Beginner gardeners, this is an amazing hands-on learning opportunity. You’ll never be mystified by the back of a seed packet again! 😉
Drop-in hours occur every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 10a - 1p.

Demonstration Garden Volunteer

Once a month, volunteers gather to work in the demonstration garden. Weeding, planting, mulching and lively chatter ensue.
Drop-in hours occur once a month, usually on Sunday mornings.

Pot Cleaning Volunteer

Recycling nursery pots is one of the many ways you can support the nursery. Reusing pots means we don’t have to buy as many new plastic pots, which reduces our costs and helps the environment. Win-win! For more information, consult our ‘How To’ document or email us at

Plant Sale Volunteer

Help spread the love! Volunteer at our seasonal sales - occuring the first weekend in May and last weekend of September. There are a variety of tasks: cashier, tallying, set up, clean up, hospitality, etc.

Image by Pixabay

Social Media Contributor

Create connection by becoming a contributor on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Ideal candidates would stop by the nursery once or twice a month to be able to share insight into nursery operations.
Skills Required: Basic tech-savvyness and emoji literacy 😜

Image by Pixabay

Website Contributor

If ‘Github’ and ‘Coding’ are somewhat familiar concepts, come join us! You’re a rare intersection of computer and plant nerd and we would love to make use of your talents. You would be joining our existing website development team.

Volunteer FAQ

When is the nursery open for volunteering?

We are open consistently on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 10a - 1p and sometimes at other times for special events. Please check our Facebook page for any updates.

Drop-in volunteer hours are 10a - 1p. Does this mean I have to stay the whole time?

Not at all! You make your own hours. This is just the time that the nursery is open.

What do I wear?

Anything that you don't mind getting a little dirty and/or wet. Closed-toed shoes are recommended.

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle and sun protection.

Do you work rain or shine?

Yes! But on rainy days, nursery volunteers work in the hoop house so rain gear is not required. Garden days are usually scheduled on sunny days.

Do I have to be a CNPS member?

No, everyone is welcome at the nursery!

Where do I park?

See our Contact Us page for parking instructions.

Can I bring my kids with me?

Yes! But if your child is under 18, they will need to accompanied by an adult.

Do I get a discount on plants or merchandise?

Unfortunately, not at this time. But volunteers often do get to take home native plant seedlings.