June Plant Spotlight : Beach evening-primrose

Scientific Name: Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia
This beautiful native plant can be found adding bursts of sunshine to our coastal dunes in the spring and summer. Forms a wonderful low, dense mat with the brightest yellow flowers and cutest fuzzy gray-green leaves. Also a host plant to several moth and butterfly species. What's not to love?
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May Plant Spotlight : Fringe Cups

Scientific Name: Tellima grandiflora
This common plant can be found bordering many of our hiking trails through redwood forest. In May, they begin sending up delicate reddish flowers on tall, slender stems. We find them in yards happily in the company of ferns or in the cooler soil along the north side of a house. They make an attractive border in a woodland garden.
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April Plant Spotlight : Western Houndstongue

Scientific Name: Cynoglossum grande
This shade-loving perennial has dainty blue flowers and tongue-shaped leaves - hence the name. It's a beautiful and unique addition to a woodland garden.
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March Plant Spotlight : Red Flowering Currant

Scientific Name: Ribes sanguineum
This early-blooming shrub is an important source of nectar for native bees and hummingbirds. Its unique dangling pink flower clusters start appearing early in the season, standing out among other still-dormant plants.
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February Plant Spotlight : Coast Silk Tassel

Scientific Name: Garrya elliptica
This beautiful shrub is a treat to come across in the winter when the male plants are displaying their long catkins. Both male and female plants are perfect for a hedge or growing against a wall.
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January Plant Spotlight : California Mistmaiden

Scientific Name: Romanzoffia californica
This delicate beauty is one of the first to bloom in the late winter. Dries out in the summer but returns with the rains - often with baby plants close by! Great for a woodland garden.
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